At Easily Arranged Floral Design we are starting something new…

Set The Table… will take you on an adventure in hosting. We all want to be the best hostess, bring the nicest hostess gift. So we’ll offer insights into hosting which include, tablescapes, meal ideas, floral arrangements that make the mood and anything else that we find relates to welcoming guests, either in your home or a home you visit.

Episode 1: Fall Season

Fall Season

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Menu included: Stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes.

Episode 2: It’s Still Winter

Even though its still cold outside, in fact because its so cold outside, its a perfect time for hospitality. Come on in and feel the warmth. This is a continuation of our monthly videos designed to give you ideas for your table, your guests, your need for flowers. Enjoy!

It’s Still Winter

Menu included: Pork chops with shallot, date and pear sauce, roasted mixed beets and oranges and pecan bread pudding.


Episode 3: Fit for a Queen

Menu included: Chicken cutlets with fried onion crust, parm risotto, spinach salad, asparagus, d dark cherry cobbler, black raspberry lemonade


Episode 4: St. Pat’s

Menu included: Corned beef and cabbage, pear lime jello, garlic mashed potatoes, rye rolls, pistachio pudding torte


Episode 5: May Luncheon

Menu included: spinach salad with mushroom ravioli and sausages, chicken salad croissants, chocolate mouse cake, blueberry lemondae


Episode 6: Honored Guests

Menu included: brats, sauerkraut, beans, rolls, orange sherbet, orange marmalade empinadas, lemonade


Episode 7: Back to School

Menu included: Swedish meatballs, cheesy spaghetti pie, zucchini crips, naan bread, pineapple torte and lemonade


Episode 8: Lumberjacks

Menu included: Swamp jello (lime and pears), sloppy Jo sliders, porcupine cheese ball, fruit platter, bacon wrapped tater tots,  chocolate acorns and birch poles, apple cider


Episode 9:  Plum Delicious









Menu included: Apple cider sangria, beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, garlic beans, Spanish rolls, barley soup, chopped salad with feta apples and cranberry, upside down plum cake.


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